Company Profile


The slogan “ Mistine La bar bi shin” has always been heard throughout Myanmar as a representation of the local number one cosmetic company. Thiri Cosmetic Co., Ltd was established in 2002 through a joint venture between MK Group of Companies (Myanmar) and Better Way (Thailand). We are the sole distributor of Mistine products in Myanmar for over 10 years.

As the number one cosmetic company in Thailand, Better Way is well known for providing the best product range with the most competitive pricing through a very effective marketing campaign. Better Ways products became an overnight success in Myanmar ever since it was first sold through Thiri Cosmetics.

Throughout the 10 years venture we had with Better Way (Thailand), the company had provide us with great support in many ways. They have support us with the business know-how and operations to make the Myanmar venture run smoothly while at the same time being very profitable. And with continuous support in personnel training, management and marketing activities, our wholesale and direct selling business have benefit tremendously from this support.

We are currently going through the most exciting time for the joint venture, due to the opening up of the Myanmar market and the prospective outlook of the whole cosmetic market. With the knowledge that we have Better Way to support us along the way, we are very confident that we will maintain our lead in the cosmetic market and create a long lasting and sustainable company to stay with the Myanmar consumers for a very long time.